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Elizabet Cover

Elizabet: Under the Back Staircase
By: Debbie Zello

Elizabet had to learn early on in her life, to know her place in the world. As an illegitimate child of the wealthy owner of the house and his cook, she learned how to balance, having one foot on the front stairs and one on the back.

Elizabet experiences love, hate, acceptance and longing as she navigates her way through the turbulence of her life, within the backdrop of the Civil War.  She accomplishes what few women in that time period can, she finds her calling.

If you enjoy determined women in historical settings,  then Elizabet is the book for you.

Shadows of Him Cover

Shadows of Him
By: Debbie Zello with an original poem written by Poet Darcy Black.

Aisling is a college student determined to get an education. She meets Alexzander in a bar off campus and is immediately drawn to his mysterious yet self assured personality.

Zander has a woman in his past that holds a spell on his future. With the help of a modern witch, Aisling embarks on a treasure hunt to break the reoccurring hex on Zan. Can she gather all the components in time? Will Zan find his way back from the curses hold?

If witches, spells, ghosts, and romance are your reading pleasures, one click Shadows of Him.

The Middle of my Bridge Cover

The Middle of my Bridge
By: Debbie Zello

Bestselling romance author, Grace Lilith Watts, is caught in the middle, between her past and future. Unable to move forward and powerless to change what was, she goes from lover to lover.
Grace fully immerses herself in her stories. When she decides her topic, she leaves her tiny New York City apartment to live and write amongst the people in the story. She gains an insight into the lives and loves of the inhabitants. This makes her stories even more realistic and believable.
Grace leaves for Connecticut, and a sleepy small town, that housed a Revolutionary spirit so strong, that General Rochambeau lodged there on his march to meet General Washington in New York. There she meets the general’s fourteenth great grandson, Etienne Rochambeau, and begins her journey to cross that bridge.

The Middle of My Bridge is a Contemporary Romance with a historical background. If you enjoy traveling and love stories, you will love this book.

Romancing Broadway Cover

Romancing Broadway
By: Debbie Zello with an original poem written by Ethan Radcliff.

Samantha West is a small town girl with big city lights in her eyes. She and her BFF Gabby, live in a tiny NYC apartment, where Sam waits for her big break on Broadway. A part in an off-Broadway production brings the charismatic Cesere Bottari into her life.

Cesere dominates her life from the beginning, keeping Sam clueless of his interferences. Until a disaster befalls her friend Gabby, and a false accusation ruins things between them.

Romancing Broadway has a duel ending. You will have the opportunity to pick for yourself as both are in the book.

Romancing Broadway is filled with strong women, romantic men, travel and humor. If you enjoy reading those things, you will find them in this book.


Why We Don’t Die In Dreams
By: Debbie Zello


Gavin McLean is an astute, accomplished and dedicated homicide detective. His days are filled with solving brutal murder cases, delving into the psyches of the worst humanity has to offer. His work comes first, to the detriment of his personal life.

His sleeping hours are plagued by a reoccurring dream of a beautiful naked woman with long brown hair. He’s mesmerized by her shapely backside, which is all he can see in the vision. The dream is erratic, with no patterns to help discern frequency or cause … with one complicated exception. She is always suspended by her hands, from a meat hook, on the ceiling, and pleads for her life.

With his personal life in turmoil and dreams shortening his sleep, he struggles to keep his world in operating order. He distracts himself by having an encounter with a frequent lover. Then fate steps in when a woman is found naked and dead, in a dumpster.

Is Gavin’s dream becoming his reality. Sometimes nothing is as it seems.

The Viscount's Vices Cover

The Viscount’s Vices: The Love Story of Brook and William
By: Debbie Zello

Brook is a flight attendent and William is a professional photographer when they meet. With fun and interesting circumstances, they fall in love. For Williams Love is told through Brook’s eyes and takes their romance through their courtship to meeting William’s family in England. Once there, William and Brook come face to face with William’s past.

The second story, Loving Brook, is William’s, beginning with the revelation of his past and taking the couple through their struggle to be together. If you believe that love can conquer all, then Brook and William’s story is one you will enjoy.

Raising Ren and Cowboys

Raising Ren and Cowboys: Sequel to The Viscount’s Vices William and Brooks Love Story
By: Debbie Zello

Raising Ren is the sequel to The Viscount’s Vices. The story begins with the childhood of Allison and her twin Amy. With the death of their parents, the two girls are separated, with Allison going to England to live with her maternal aunt. Amy is sent into foster care with tragic results. Amy sets out to even the score with Allison in her sights.

City girls and Cowboys, is the story of Jorja Garrison. Jorja sets out on a journey to find “home”. She roams through the west until she finds a place in Montana that speaks to her soul. She sets down roots and finds the cowboy to help her with her ranch and her heart.